Red Ribbon Week

Monday: Drug Free from Head to Toe. Wear red from head to toe to kick off Red Ribbon Week.

Tuesday: Peace Out to Drugs! Wear a peace signs and/or tie dye.

Wednesday: Together Against Bullying/ Drugs. Wear Orange #unityday

Thursday: We are crazy about being drug free. Wear crazy hair or crazy socks

Friday: Drug Free for Decades. Dress like your favorite decade

Monday: Too Bright for Drugs. Wear neon and/or bright colors

Tuesday: Say “Boo” to Drugs. Dress up as your favorite hero, first responder, or military.

Hero Day - Parade of Heroes

The final day of Red Ribbon Week falls on October 31st. To empower our students on the final day of this nationally recognized week, students in grades K-6 are encouraged to dress up as a hero. Students are welcome to dress up as a "super hero" from Marvel or DC or a "real life" hero such as a first responder (police/fire), member of the armed forces, doctor/nurse, etc.

There is no need to buy anything new for this dress up day. From a super hero t-shirt to a kitchen towel cape to a full hero costume, students can participate at any level. Please take special care to follow dress code rules, including no masks or props, and do not send your child to school in a Halloween costume outside of this theme and these guidelines. For our littlest heroes, please consider your child's ability to get into and out of their hero attire independently for using the restroom.

In addition to this fun theme, we will celebrate all heroes with a "Parade of Heroes" at 8:30am on October 31st. Parents and family members who are real life heroes are encouraged to join our heroes on the blacktop. Hollow Hills has many parents/family members who are police, fire, current military and/or military veterans, doctors, nurses, etc.

To honor our local heroes and provide our students with a real life example of the power they have to serve and help others, we welcome you to join us. Please wear your hero uniform when you join our circle of heroes on the blacktop.

For those grown-ups who wish to join the "Parade of Heroes" as spectators, we will have a designated viewing area near the playground area/blacktop for you to view the parade and take many pictures of your little hero as they walk the parade route.

We ask that parents enter the campus through the blacktop gate no earlier than 8:15am on the morning of October 31st to view the parade.