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When: Thursday, August 4th

Time: 6:00

Where: Hollow Hills MPR

This is not mandatory to attend but if anyone would like to be a cheerleader with me I will gladly accept your company!


When: Friday, August 5th

Time 10:00

Where: Hollow Hills MPR

This too is not mandatory, however we will be setting up a membership table and once again I would love your company if you can make it. 


When: Tuesday, August 9th

Time: 9:00

Where: Teachers Lounge

This will just be a drop off in the morning. We will clean up when we come back for the social.


Link to donate:



When: Tuesday, August 9th

Where: The Best Elementary on this planet! Duh  Hollow Hills

Time: If PTA can get there around 3:30 to help set up that would be AWESOME!

For everyone else 4:30 please

***Setup will include hanging posters, making and prepping popcorn, blowing up and distributing balloons, setting up membership and volunteer table, bringing out the easel, and spirit wear! We are still working on information regarding spirit wear so “BEAR” with us ok? See what I did there  


When: Friday, August 12th

Time: 8:15


I want to warn everyone that I may be leading PTA at the beginning of the year like a wrecking ball coming in hot but I am so confident with all of you amazing people that we will get everything done together! We just need to put all of our puzzle pieces together and in the right order and everything will be just fine! Again I appreciate each and everyone of you and what you do for this school. I am sure I forgot to mention something but please always feel free to communicate with me, share ideas or call me out! Team work makes the dream work!